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About Us

It's not just what we have...it's who we are

1500_Pinecroft3Founded in 2004 by William Van Meter, American Retirement Counselors (ARC) was created with one guiding principle – Provide our clients with the very best planning services and product solutions available. Our approach is simple – Do what is best for our clients, first, last and always… and offer the same recommendations for our clients, at the same level of commitment, that we would provide for our own families. Most people would prefer to work with a dedicated advisor who they can trust and rely on. They also want to choose from a portfolio of superior insurance products that suit their distinctive needs. ARC is in the unique position to offer both to our clients. Our advisors offer the very best solutions from the top-rated insurance carriers in the industry.

We work for you...not an insurance company

We live in an ever-changing environment, constantly bombarded with a stream of new insurance products. ARC advisors are positioned to guide our clients through the complex maze of new product offerings. We can assess your individual needs and design a comprehensive customized solution that will provide you and your family with a true sense of security during retirement. Our counselors assist our clients in making the most beneficial choices regarding:

  • Health Insurance and Medicare
  • Long Term Care planning
  • Final expense, Life and Legacy solutions
  • Asset accumulation, protection and distribution, 401k and IRA strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning

A company born and bred right here at home...in north carolina

American Retirement Counselors was founded in the heart of Central North Carolina. We understand your needs and have a great deal of experience with all of the product solutions available in your area. Let us show you the difference that working with ARC can make in your retirement security and peace of mind!

Who is ARC?

Most agents work exclusively for one company and their job is to convince their clients that their company’s products are the best… Of course, you know better… they can’t all be the best.

This approach has rarely served the client well in the past, and the dramatic changes we are bound to see moving forward will have a huge impact on the retirement landscape of the future. Now more than ever before in the history of our great nation, every individual’s circumstances have become more diverse and unique. More to the point, it has become increasingly clear that no single insurance or financial services company can provide the very best solution for every situation.

At American Retirement Counselors, we have a relationship with the top carriers in the industry so that we’re in a position to find the very best solution for your specific planning needs. We work for you… Not an insurance company!

A Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff of seasoned professionals have decades of experience and must complete a rigorous course of study in order to help you and your family with your retirement planning needs.

American Retirement Counselors was created to serve all retired Americans and their families as a guide to financial security during thier retirement years. Whether you are young and just starting to accumulate wealth… or you are getting closer to retirement and ready to use your assets to provide income, we are commited to continual research, development, and personal growth in order to provide the very best retirement planning services possible.